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Filed Under (Medicinal Herbs) by herb-garden on 04-06-2008

The herb is found in woods and under dense hedges. Leaves are sparse, rough and dark, with the majority and larger ones springing from the root. The plant it comes up year after year from a woody root and rising to a height of up to 1 meter. It is a rough rather hairy plant. Flowers are tubular two-lipped and dark purplish and in bloom during summer.

Its botanical name arrives from the Celtic words ben (head) and ton (tonic). The herb posses’ powerful influence over the head region and it is much used in the treatment of headache and neuralgia of the head and face and will relieve most pains of this nature. It is also a valued remedy for jaundice. A standard brew of the leaves, it has somewhat the taste of tea, can be taken a wine glass morning and night. To make the tea, pour a cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of the dried herb. Let stand for 2 minutes and strain.

The dried herb used to be smoked as tobacco mixed with other herbs for relieving a headache. Also as a yellow die for wool. Externally has been used for bites and stings of all types of insects and animals.

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