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11-11-11. Yep! That was the date on the calendar. I bet those who believe in numerology and Feng Shui would happily tell me that it’s going to be a “Lucky” day for me. However, being a person of great faith in God, I saw that date as a sovereignly ordained reminder of the reality that there is ONE who is in control of my life.

Let me rewind my story a bit to a couple of weeks back where I found myself kneeling and praying in the closet of our master bedroom in the 3-br apartment we’re staying in. I was desperately asking God to lead me to a home business that could help me be a stay-at-home mom and continue to homeschool our kiddos.

I remember asking specifically for something that would not only build an extra income for our family, but something that would glorify His Name in the process. I didn’t want to be involved with something that find it’s heart and drive in the pursuit of superficial things. I specifically asked God to lead me to a company I can work with that could eventually help with me assist in Missions work as well.

I came across 2 companies the very night I stayed up in front of the computer. One was a product based company and the other was a membership. The latter was healthcare related and I was very much inclined to it because I now it was going to be within my niche. Believe me, I never had any successful sales nor marketing experience and I had to make sure I was in a company that I truly believe in for me to share their products.

The membership company I had my eye on happened to be the competition. An IBO was already sending me marketing emails and we’ve talked over the phone making me feel that it was something that I was really going to do. BUT, there was a problem. I had to come up with at least $100.00 up front to sign-up–and I didn’t have that.

And so I waited… and waited… and waited for an opportunity of an extra money to come up. But it never did… God never allowed me to sign up with them.

THEN CAME 11-11-11! I was in our room that afternoon and I was suddenly feeling the inclination to watch YouTube videos about Ameri… I mean, the other company. I started off with one video, but with God’s humor in play, my eyes drifted toward the related videos on the right panel of the webpage. Then one guy’s video title caught my attention…

“A– Vs. Xpress Healthcare“… Hmmm…Xpress What? Xpress Healthcare? I listened to this man’s video and as I continued listening to his presentation, all of a sudden a rush of curiosity mixed with excitement sprang up in me! WOW! This company’s vision has PEOPLE in mind!!! And it is within my niche in HEALTHCARE!

I watched another video before I decided to click on my mentor, Julie Klein’s, video. She was sweet and I liked here right there and then. I went to her website and was blown away when I realized there was a 2-week TRIAL PERIOD for less than $10! Talk about sovereign providence! I didn’t think twice…

Now, I have my own Xpress Healthcare business and I’m passionate about the blessing that our company brings to millions of people in America. God led me to a company whose vision and passion was exactly like mine.

I’m proud to be a part of this Revolution. I love the people behind this company, and when I found out that the Founders of the company have their hearts and eyes fixed on the LORD, I knew I’ve finally received THE ANSWER to my closet prayer.

Mine was an Ameri… plan B twist of circumstances. But I know GOD was in total control of everything. And for that, I can’t wait to pass this blessing forward!

“In everything give thanks unto the LORD.”

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